Customize windows 10

With this tutorial you can get control of windows 10, improving your experience; no software required.
Arrange desktop • reduce cpu • control notifications • control windows updates • and cool regedits

- Here are Android mobile style settings & applications      
- Here is mobile App under development

Windows .ico icons:
Copy-Paist into Explorer folder:
%systemroot%\system32\imageres.dll - hardware | %systemroot% \system32\accessibilitycpl.dll - cursor | %systemroot%\system32\ddores.dll - b/w hardware | %systemroot%\system32\mmres.dll - audio | %systemroot%\system32\pnidui.dll - network
Windows explorer: Columns
  Resize all windows explorer columns at once. Windows has a feature were you can resize all the explorer columns at once. 

  • 1
    First open any folder    2.) select 'View' tab, then 'Details'   3.) Arrange columns: 
                        Size | Name | Type | Date edited | Date created | Folder path
                  ✎   If you dont see a column, right select column header and Add / Hide columns. 

  • 2
    Make folder full screen, then resize column widths - widths will apply to all folders.

  • 3
    From 'View' tab select checkbox 'File name extensions'
     Open 'Folder Options' select the small tab 'View' then 'Apply to folder'.

  • 4
    You'll find column widths the same size in each folder.
                You can auto-adjust column widths: 
                                   - Select 'View' tab, then select checkbox 'Size all columns to fit'

    A neat windows Explorer utility called folder size explorer allows viewing folder sizes & file stats per folder.
    Note: - also works great to Search folder files.
Turn off unused apps from:
●   Task Manager 'Ctr + Alt + Del' Select 'Startup' tab, right select & tag unused apps that start up on login.
              You can add a Taskmanager shortcut to your desktop. "Taskmgr.exe"
                      ●   C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\System Tools
                      ●   also from:  C:\Windows\System32\
●   Cpu system taskbar icon With taskbar open, (see item above) select tab "Options" check []Minimize on use, and []Hide when minimized.
          From Tabs: Processes and Details now on minimizing your Taskbar, the Cpu status will appear in bottom right corner of taskbar system tray.
                Fan noise The following processes may cause Fan noise: 
                        Windows version update | Software reporter tool | SDXhelper
                        You can doubleclick your cpu icon, select the process and delete to turn off the fan and lower cpu.

      ●   Here is a process tracker, you can block unwanted processes Process Tamer

 ●   Windows Settings: Apps/Startup/ 'Ctrl + I' You can turn Windows Settings Startup Apps off if not in use.
              View additional Windows Settings:

Windows Settings
Note: During Windows updates, some Settings that are 'off' may revert back to 'on'.

Windows I like turning off Settings not in use:
'Ctrl + I'
  ●  SYSTEM: Notifications & Actions: mostly 'Off' | Multitask: timeline 'Off' | Projecting to this PC: Off | Shared experience Off | Clipboard Off | Remote desktop Off.
  ●   DEVICES: Hardware keyboard: Off (if ON you'll see annoying word hints above the cursor as you type).
  ●   PERSONALIZATION: Use small taskbar buttons | Combine Taskbar buttons: Never
  ●   GAMING Off | Ease of Access: adjust font size
  ●   PERMISSIONS & HISTORY SafeSearch Off | Strict Cloud Content: Off
  ●   PRIVACY: General: Off | Diagnostics & feedback: Required (least info) | All other feedback 'Off' & Never | Activity History: Unselected | Location: Off | Apps Off - based on you’re usage. | Notifications: Off | Acc Info Access: Off | Background Apps: All off except Settings & Windows Security

Misc Applications!
- Super cool desktop Thesaurus: lots of synonyms Cool Thesaurus
- Copy paist history & Spell Clipboard+
- Image/photo editor
- Color finder eyedropper
                                                                                                        Top  
Configure, turn off, and limit unused windows services to reduce system access.
Select 'Windows+R' type 'services.msc'   adjust 'Status' field.
Here is a list of my tuned down windows Service configs. (Takes ~20 minutes).

Turn off low battery notifications
From taskbar select 'Search' icon, type 'Control Panel'
Power » Change plan settings  » Change advanced power settings » '+Battery' | '+Low battery notification' turn off.
Resize windows from keyboard without mouse
Windows edges are sometimes difficult to resize, you can resize with keyboard:
Alt + spacebar, 'S' to activate. Then any arrow direction to resize, then 'Enter' to break the event.

Scroll up/down
From browser: tap 'Spacebar' to scroll down. | to scroll up:  'shift + spacebar'

            Control windows updates
            From Policy Editor you can control windows updates.
  • Open the 'Group Policy Editor' (gpedit.msc) and navigate to the 4th path. e.g:  
            Computer Configuration>>Administrative Templates>>Windows Components>>Windows Updates  
    These settings below allow updates with very minimal disruption to you: 

    Enabled Turn off auto-restart for updates during active hours. (while your on the pc) bing | google

  • 2
    Enabled Turn off auto-restart for updates during active hours. (while your on the pc)

  • 3
    Enabled Do not connect to any Windows Update Internet locations //intranet Windows Store bing | google

  • 4
    Disabled Allow signed updates from an intranet Microsoft update service location (intranet Windows Store..) bing | google

  • 5
    Disabled Always automatically restart at the scheduled time (based on setting a timer) bing | google

  • 6
    Disabled Allow automatic updates immediate installation (don’t require a restart) bing | google

  • 7
    Disabled Automatic updates detection frequency //Specifies specific hours. bing | google

  • 8
    Disabled No auto-restart with logged on users for scheduled automatic updates installations (will not auto-restart - only notification) bing | google

  • 9
    Disabled Specify active hours range for auto-restarts bing | google

  • 10
    Disabled Turn on recommended updates via Automatic Updates (assists auto updates) bing | google

            On a new window install it is helpful to have a todo list; you can bookmark this site, as well as save offline.
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Styling with RegEdit - a windows feature                               Check out Desktop theme

Get ride of unused fonts! Remove fonts that appear in Apps like excel, word etc..

Select Windows + E then select Fonts //You can also past %WINDIR%/Fonts into you’re address-bar.
In the top righthand corner select the picture icon beside the question mark; then select Large to see view of icon fonts.
Hold down Ctrl then select each font not in use, now select Hide. That’s it; those fonts won’t appear within your app’s font list.

Here is a zip file of great Open source fonts, if link does not download, copy paist the url in a tab to start download.  
- If you create & edit fonts consider Font forge.

Scrollbar width
Make windows scrollbar wider so that scrolling is easy. Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics  
-- edit 'scrollwidth' then re-logout /login to see scrollbar changes.  

Each icon on windows taskbar contains a jumplist menu. You can edit total number recent & pinned items. Logout /login to see changes.
 Jump list folder locations are un-named.

if you use the 'Alt+Tab' to Toggle Window between views, consider the smaller windows xp dialog - hides large preview. – familiar users.
CreateNew > DWORD (32-bit) Value: AltTabSettings, set it to 1. /restart windows.

Additional RegEdits
I have these settings below turned off. I'm not to sure what some of then do.

xbox Game monitoring
- Change Start REG_DWORD (right select mouse to Start, change 3 to 4, e.g. 0x00000003 (3) to 0x00000004 (4)
- HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\GameDVR //Set relevant settings as: 0

Windows passport Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NgcSvc | Start: value 4 = Disabled

OneSyncSvc Start: value 4 = Disabled HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\OneSyncSvc

Error Reporting
Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting //Create dword file name: "Disabled" 0
error reporting: wermger.exe off = 0 | on = 1

Customer improvement program
- Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\SQMClient\Windows
- Create new folder name as: 'Windows' folder file: 'CEIPEnable' = 0

Start Menu items Past into explorer folder address-bar: %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

On a new window install it is helpful to have a todo list; you can bookmark this site, as well as save offline.

  ●  keyboard commands: Double tap keyboard shortcuts e.g.  'Windows+d+d' to restore minimized windows.
  ●  Browser: bookmark style toolbar, simply displays history of sites most recently visited.
  ●  Windows: Allow software & users to add an icon to each file they save, so the icon can show on the jumplist file icon - so desktop and jumplist icons are not all the same.
  ●   Add a comment    

  ●    Chrome tabs: Changing between tabs flashes the chrome screen slightly.
  ●   Youtube seems to work better with Firefox then chrome regarding cpu speed & text translation.
  ●   Chrome webstore: Searching from from webstore doesnt return good results; searching from Google does.
  ●   Google sheet: While toolbar menu is collapsed/hidden, some of the toolbar items hide.
  ●   Google sheet: Touch screen: It can take several touch attempts to activate a cell.

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